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Our Story So Far

Using a small number of committed artists, John Midgley founded Chippenham Designs in 1970 - in the London Borough of Brent (actually in the next street to the historic Grunwick protest (Eddie Shall) with the heroic Mrs Desai in conflict.

We begun to make banners to meet the demand created by protests against, amongst other things, the Industrial Relations Act.

The artists were members of S.O.G.A.T the Print Union.

As time passed we made banners for all the major trades unions and the Peace and Women's Movements, Teachers, Public Servants, Agricultural Workers, Steel Workers, Miners and even The Professional Footballers Association came to us for banners.

Chippenham Designs is prominently featured in the definitive book on the subject of banners  - John Gorman's 'Banner Bright' and by the late 70's, Chippenham Designs had been added to the T.U.C's list of approved banner makers.

The Miners' Strikes were eventful of course, and our artists gave their labour free to make a banner for the Leicester Miners' 'Dirty Thirty'.

In 1981 Chippenham Designs moved to Norfolk where it still continues it's work. Jane Murphy joined John Midgley in 2005. She is now accompanied by her daughter-in-law Emma and they continue to uphold the Chippenham Designs ethos. 

Jane and Emma have formed a perfect partnership incorporating  their different fields of expertise. With Jane's classic training in Landscapes and figurative scenes and precise lettering skills, complimented by Emma's stunning portraits and decorative scroll work - there's nothing they cannot do!


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